How does it work?

Our unique CSA come in the form of a rechargeable swipe card.

Throughout the season you can use the card to pay for fruits and vegetables at our kiosk in waterville and our market in Lennoxville.

Take only what you want…

Instead of a traditional CSA basket where you have to take what is available with our Organic CSA card you can choose what you want at anytime. No more bringing home vegetables you don’t know how to use!

When you want…

You can use your Organic CSA card at any time at our kiosk in Waterville, QC or our market kiosk in Lennoxville, QC.

Use it everyday or skip a few weeks, you balance will always be there and it carries over until next year if you don’t use it all!

Get big saving!

To show our appreciation for buying your organic CSA in advance with Topher Farm we give back to you a bonus on your pre-paid card. The more you buy the bigger the savings!

Starting at 50$ get 10% back.

At 100$ get 15% back!

At 150$ get 20% back!

20$ CSA Card
Perfect for a gift!
50$ CSA Card
Get 10% back
A total of 55$ in vegetables
A great gift idea!
100$ CSA Card
Get 15% back
A total of 115$ in vegetables
Get a free Ferme Topher bag!
150$ CSA Card
Get 20% back
A total of 180$ in vegetables
Get a free Ferme Topher bag!